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    An important part of the AUKPI's activity is the organisation of conferences

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  • A voice for the payments sector

    We aim to provide an input to policy development in the UK.

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  • AML training

    We offer online and seminar based AML training

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  • Industry best practice

    Guidance for members on key issues, such as safeguarding of client funds

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  • Developing policies for regulatory compliance

    Advice on how to comply with regulatory obligations associated with PSR’s and AML

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    News on regulatory, banking and technical issues impacting our sector

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We offer online and seminar based AML training

AML and CTF, essentials for payment institutions – online training module
(March 2018 – training developed by International Compliance Association)

This online course is aimed at 'front line' staff and is designed to reduce risk to both the firm and the individual by outlining the legal and regulatory frameworks within which a UK payment business operates.
Training will help firms meet the expectations of HMRC and FCA around AML training.
This practically focused course provides information on the concepts of money laundering and terrorist financing and how to recognise potential suspicious activity

Learning objectives:

  • To understand the concepts of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • To cover the key features of the international AML/CTF framework
  • To summarise the UK AML laws and regulations, including any changes in legislation
  • To summarise the EU AML laws and payment regulations, including any changes in legislation
  • To understand the penalties resulting from non-compliance
  • To gain awareness of cyber security and the risks involved
  • To help you recognise and report suspicious activity
  • To understand how to identify and mitigate the risks associated with your payment firm, including how to prevent the firm being ‘de-banked’
  • To gain an overview of Customer Due Diligence (CDD) issues

The on line training module is:

  • Approximately 45 minutes in length
  • Features 50 slides plus a voice over track
  • Offers a 15 question test at the end to assess knowledge of the material
  • Developed to meet the specific training needs of payment firms
  • Available over the internet (i.e. at any PC)
  • Access managed through training licences (i.e. one employee = one training licence) purchased through AUKPI
  • Incorporates a training management suite (register all employees/agents who need to be trained and record when they took the test and their score)
  • Prints out a summary of staff and their training score
  • AML training is accessible here


AUKPI member: £30 per licence.
For AUKPI members, there is a discount to £20 for bulk bookings (five plus).

Non member: £100 per licence

To purchase training credits:
Call 0208 315 6550
Email [email protected]

Seminar based training

In partnership with ICA, we offer bespoke seminar based AML training, typically on an annual basis and subject to client demand. This training is aimed at company owners and directors, and aims to summarise new regulatory developments in terms of the practical impact they may have on the compliance programme of PI firms.