2019 - Our Objectives

In 2019, the Association will:

  • Hold four London conferences plus issue specific meetings at which those with an interest in payment services can come together to discuss issues of common concern.
  • Be the representative of the industry with the UK government and within the European Union - in particular, to ensure that the voice of smaller and medium sized firms is heard.
  • Engage in dialogue with UK regulators to ensure that the relevant laws and regulations are fairly and consistently applied.
  • Establish and promote 'best practice' models in connection with issues such as effective customer due diligence procedures, transaction monitoring, client funds safeguarding, etc.
  • Facilitate the provision of training, information and support to Payment Institutions to help them comply with the laws and regulations.
  • Seek to establish and promote shared high standards across the payment services and money transfer industry.
  • Establish an effective dialogue with the UK banks to ensure that they behave reasonably in their relations with payment firms.
  • Promote the benefits and advantages of the payments sector to consumers and other customers.