Member Directory

Below is a list of member companies. Regulation with HMRC under the money laundering regulations and by FCA under the Payment Services Regulations is a pre-requisite for full membership of the Association.Our members may be an authorised payment institution or a small (registered) payment institution. Any consumer wanting to do business with any firm on the list below is also advised to check the FCA register for payment institutions:

Company Name MSB Number FCA Website FCA Status
1st Contact Money Ltd-Sable 12585156 517570 Authorised
ABS-CBN Europe Remittance Ltd 535081 Registered
Afghan National Credit and Finance Limited 502595 Registered
Afro International (UK) Limited Authorised
Al Fardan Exchange Associate Member Registered
Alpha Transfers Limited 12278884 540997 Authorised
Angra Ltd 12482340 567231 Registered
API Compliance Ltd Associate Member Registered
Azimo Ltd Authorised
BDO Remit (UK) LTD-CBN 12127924 504475 Authorised
BFC Exchange-EZ Remit LTD 12158813 204599 Authorised
Bilderlings Pay Limited 900637 Authorised
Capital IFX Ltd 12195618 526884 Authorised
Cashpot Limited 579455 Authorised
Caxton FX Ltd 12149429 431844 Authorised
Crossbar Fx Ltd 12232355 535761 Authorised
Currency UK Ltd 12120036 504592 Authorised
Dahabshill Transfer Services Limited 12249015 505067 Authorised
DT and T Corporation Limited 1215614 587368 Authorised
Earthport PLC 12161856 537580 Authorised
Express Links International Limited 12160870 584032 Authorised
Ezcash Limited 12647325 564518 Registered
Fast Encash Money Transfer Services Ltd 519669 Authorised
Financial Crime Intelligence Ltd corporate Member None
Frontier Global Consultants Limited 543412 Authorised
Global Currency Registered
Global Exchange Limited 576032 Authorised
Global Money Express Limited 12260864 577345 Authorised
Inara 12115403 572188 Authorised
Intelligent Solutions-MoneyLine UK Authorised
Intercash (Croydon) Ltd Associate member None
Intergrity Services 12211870 504829 Registered
iRemit Global Remittance Ltd 12130185 537568 Authorised
Jamaica national commercial Bank 12144363 508903 Authorised
JN Money Services (UK) Ltd-Mahogany(jamaica) 12126190 540765 Authorised
Juba Express Limited 12571913 518352 Registered
Kaah Express (UK) Limited 12216205 526301 Registered
LCC Trans-Sending Limited-Small World 12115760 504482 Authorised
Lime Consulting Associate Member None
Link FX PLC 12113533 535266 Authorised
Lyca money Financial Services Ltd 900153 Authorised
Madocks Limited 631398 Registered
Metro Remittance (UK) Limited 12152251 509751 Authorised
Militellocca (Power Transfer) 503127 Registered
Money Remittance Worldwide Authorised
Money Swift Ltd-Salabed 12134418 567416 Authorised
Moneyto Limited XTML00000103733 537811 Authorised
Muthoot Global Money Transfers (P) Limited 12265233 541615 Authorised
Neth Associates Ltd 12850358 746993 Registered
Newport Services (UK) Limited((t/a Currency Co) 12542044 540959 Authorised
One Money Mail Limited 900150 Authorised
Opal Transfer Limited 12154036 533677 Authorised
Orient Exchange Company PVT Ltd 12269517 507159 Registered
PKF-Littlejohn Corporate member None
Rashid Exchange Limited 573340 Registered
Recary Ltd 06984177 516375 Registered
RIA Financial Services Ltd-Euronet 12147525 504630 Authorised
Sangerwal Money Transfer Serivces LTD Registered
Sky Forex Limited 12160360 527992 Authorised
Speedfast Ltd 12247604 552656 Authorised
Subhida UK Ltd 12663526 576127 Authorised
Teeparam Exchange Ltd 10931917 Registered
Thomas Exchange Global Ltd 12113089 568115 Authorised
UAE Exchange UK Limited 12161686 504329 Authorised
VS1 Business Services (Europe) 12481320 540958 Authorised
Web Link International 12155566 506566 Authorised
WorldRemit Ltd 574642 Authorised
Xpress Money Services Ltd 12121413 504589 Authorised