What's New

  • UKMTA Conference 19th September

    19th September, 2014

    Bank de-risking – how can the regulated payments sector ensure that it is not excluded from access to banking services?

    ~/UKMTA conference - 19th September 2014

  • UKMTA Conference 27th June

    27th June, 2014

    European Payment Services – what’s happening now, what are the next likely regulatory and operational developments?

    ~/UKMTA conference - 27th June 2014


The UK Money Transmitters Association

Founded in 2005, the UKMTA represents Payment Institutions regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our principal role is to provide a forum where member firms can come together to discuss and collectively respond to issues of common concern.

Additionally, we aim to represent the interests of our industry to law makers, regulators, banks and other financial institutions and consumers at both UK and European level.

Whilst our member firms may offer any of the services allowed under the Payment Services Regulations 2009, most of our member firms either offer online foreign exchange and related payments business or money remittance and associated services.

See more about our plans for 2014 here.